Accounting Services Atlanta

Consider our bookkeeping services. We manage all the specifics and the time-consuming record keeping, while giving you more time to put into doing your business. We want to relieve you of the stress of deadlines and inaccurate reporting. We thrive off honesty and integrity, and will always provide you with personalized services to keep you on the right track and better your accustomed processes.

  • Streamlined Processes
  • Personalized services
  • Accurate Monthly Financials
  • Know your Bottom Line always
  • Pay less taxes when you have good records
  • Be Audit Proof
  • We do excise and Sales Tax reporting
  • Accuracy & Honesty Guaranteed
  • Focus on serving you customers while we do the number crunching


Here at Ben Hill Accounting & Taxes, we know that owning a business is a full-time job. Often you work many different jobs in the company, as the owner, on top of having to handle your own usual responsibilities. Work seems to commonly follow you home, because at the end of the day there are still the records to keep, reports to complete, taxes to pay, and accounts to balance. Your time is very important and in short supply, so believe it or not, the hours that you spend handling these tasks really hurts your bottom line. If you can’t focus on operating your business, profits will stall and be affected. If the operation and growth of your business is a priority to you, please contact us to see how we can give you the time and peace of mind to concentrate on growing your business into your dream!


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